Our Purpose

The Social Enterprise

Monarch Thrift Shop and One Heart One Soul have joined forces. Our social enterprise (a business that exists to carry out a mission to improve the well-being of others) provides quality merchandise in a boutique environment where all proceeds benefit vulnerable populations.

Monarch Thrift Shop was created to provide a community where shoppers, donors, volunteers, and employees could come together to support programs for addiction recovery, reintegration, HIV/AIDS, and other vulnerable populations. 

In partnership with One Heart One Soul, Monarch is now also providing a space and resources for youth who have experienced homelessness to receive retail certification training.

The Three Pillars

Monarch Thrift Shop maximizes social impact by rebuilding lives, breaking the cycles of youth homelessness, and reducing recidivism. 

Rebuilding Lives

Monarch provides a safe and growth-oriented community service site for youth and community members, including court mandated hours. We offer interview preparedness assistance, contribute items to other local service agencies, and partner with local agencies and churches to provide needed items in times of emergency.

Breaking the Cycle of Youth Homelessness

Monarch is partnering with One Heart One Soul to provide job training and career pathways in the retail industry for youth in seasons of homelessness.

Reducing Recidivism

Monarch partners with the Avondale Restorative Justice Community Court, The Summit of Hope, and the Illinois Department of Corrections, to be a stepping stone. We provide a safe and nurturing environment to build employment skills, receive needed resources, and give back to the community during times of challenge and restoration.

Our Certification Program

Retail is the #1 private sector employer in the country; it offers a myriad of opportunities for people of all backgrounds. When you think of jobs in retail, sales associate and store manager are probably the positions which come to mind.

However, more than 44% of people who work in retail don't work in sales. Retail offers flexible, collaborative careers in supply chain, data science, marketing, technology, finance, engineering and design — to name just a few. 

Upon completion of our program, each participant will receive a nationally recognized certificate from the National Retail Foundation that shows the participant is prepared with the skills needed to launch a career in retail. This also places participants on a pathway to employment with the 150+ NRF retail partners across the country.