Our Story

Our mission

Providing quality merchandise in a boutique environment where all proceeds benefit programs for vulnerable populations.

Monarch Thrift Shop is a 501c3 organization and a stepping stone for individuals coming out of challenging situations, such as incarceration and substance abuse. Your clothes, your faith, your furniture and your funds; we will invest all of these to help lives.


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Why we exist

Seeing a need for support to those most vulnerable in our society, we created a vision that would provide employment opportunities for individuals with obstacles to employment as a way to reduce recidivism. Monarch Thrift Shop was created as a place where shoppers, volunteers, donors, and employees get to interact on a regular basis while striving towards the same mission - supporting programs dedicated to the fields of addiction recovery, reintegration, HIV/AIDS and other critical services to vulnerable populations.

We have become a community within the community. We focus our strategies on improving human well-being. By putting our efforts and proceeds into individuals needing support and programs providing services for vulnerable populations, we put your donations and purchase dollars into growing stronger communities.

Our merchandise is provided by generous people and much of our work is handled by awesome volunteers. We look forward to connecting and growing with you as we move full speed ahead with this vision!